Smithfield Meat Market

Want the best meat the UK has to offer? Look no further than Smithfield market. There are a whopping 30 odd traders carving out different niches at the market. Safe to say, if Smithfield doesn’t have it it’s not worth having. It really does cover the full spectrum of meat- halal, goat, beef from South America, Australia, New Zealand lamb, continental sausages, more offal than you could shake a stick at, and much more.

This is a wholesale market that caters to restaurants and butchers but they do sell to the public. The catch is that you will need to get up early with the market winding down from about 6am.

The walking tour comes highly recommended (click here). Smithfield market is rich with history having operated for 140 years but on the site for a thousand years.  The tour brings all this history to life.

The land that the market is situated on was recently acquired by a developer. Although there are no immediate plans to develop the site, it probably pays to visit the market sooner rather than later.